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rooney_mara's Journal

Rooney Mara Fans
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Your #1 Livejournal source for Rooney Mara
Welcome to Rooney Mara Fans, the largest and most updated livejournal source for actress Rooney Mara. Here you'll be able to find all the latest via news, photos, videos and more, as well as share any fan works relating to Rooney!

A few basic rules:

01. Respect Rooney. We're a fan community after all.
02. Images over 500px wide should be placed below an LJ-cut. Three icon previews will suffice and the rest should go under an lj-cut as well.
03. Tag your post using existing tags.
04. Be nice to each other and have fun!
05. Understand that the mods will delete anything inappropriate.

We are the official Livejournal community of Rooney Mara Source, the first and most comprehensive fansite source Rooney Mara.

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